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Kate Harrold's surreal photography draws inspiration from childhood and all the possibilities of an innocent and boundless imagination. Her work is the result of a lifetime of observing and creating. Born and raised in Elverson, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, she loved and pursued art from an early age. She focused her attention on photography after discovering the university dark room while attaining her BFA at Cornell University's School of Architecture Art and Planning.  After eight years of working as a photographer, retoucher, and printer in Philadelphia and New York City, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Here she has worked exclusively at creating and exhibiting her work. She has exhibited across the country and was recently profiled in Nashville Arts Magazine. Her work is currently on display at several galleries including Jackson Junge Gallery in Chicago, 2010 Gallery in Kansas City, and Art and Invention Gallery in Nashville.

winnie in the woods
the window
passing through
double dutch
go fly a kite
sticky living
out to sea
the farm
jesus saves
the iceberg
honey, the giraffe is back
winter wonderland
lion tamer
nora the explorer
pirates at play
return of the king
the strangest dream
iyani's dandelion
row ho ho home
lawn ornaments
shoot for the stars
tin can telephone
where the sidewalk ends
urban jungle
the amazing elephant
big fish
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